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Modern Kitchen Style

The modern style includes lines and angles. It has symmetry designed to please the modern eye. There isn’t much molding, either. In a way, it can be described as spartan or minimalist. Where more modern styles include more natural materials, modern kitchens tend to have stainless steel, class, chrome, concrete, and other man-made finishes.

One of the upsides of modern styling is the ability to include design elements going back many decades and also the ability to incorporate European elements. Many people who love to travel enjoy bringing a bit of Italy, Spain, or France back to their home.

With the modern style, you’ll see frameless cabinets and oversized hardware. You’ll see stainless steel used for cabinets, and if wood is chosen, a more subtle grain like birch, ash, or maple will be featured. Frosted glass inserts provide decoration. The modern style also features curves on cabinets that serve as a contrast to the sharp lines elsewhere in the design.

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