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Onix Countertops

Variety of Colors

Lots of homeowners are going away from traditional countertops in favor of onyx. These tops are elegant, giving the room a warmth that might be missing with other options. There are also plenty of colors, so you can get creative if you’d like. With a nice sheen and a classic look, onyx is able to fit into a host of different styles.

When it comes to durability, onyx is almost able to match marble. It will last for quite a long time if a person treats it with case. It can be scratched, however, so individuals making this choice will need to be careful with how they conduct themselves in the kitchen.

Staining is an issue with onyx. Many manufacturers have come up with protective liquids to help mitigate this issue. These will make the staining less harmful and permanent, but they will not completely prevent the problem. For this reason, these countertops aren’t the most practical, but they do have a unqiue beauty to them.